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Innmelding i DataSci NMBU

Fra høsten 2020 må alle medlemmer av foreningen meldes inn i skjemaet under.

Det koster ingenting å være en del av foreningen og en medlemsliste er viktig for at foreningen skal kunne arrangere arrangement.

Vennligst fyll inn skjemaet under

Visit to Acando

Tuesday, March 5, DataSci NMBU went and visited our main partner Acando. We took a bus together from Ås in to Oslo. When we there we had the opportunity to to ask questions and to talk to their employes. After some pizza and sushi there were some short presentations from the employees about what Acando works on. After that there was a exctiting lecture from Acandos lead data scientist on how they use AI in their projects.

During the second half of the visit we got a tour around the offices and their lab. We got to try out the Microsoft Hololens and see how they are utilizing it aswell as the robot Pepper. At the end of the visit we had a Kahoot.

The visit to Acando was very successful, inspiring and educational. Their employees shoed great interest in Ås and our studies and Acando seems like a exciting workplace. Events like these are a great motivation for further studies!


Welcome to our website!

Our new website is finally up and running. The purpose of the website is to inform our members, possible applicants and businesses about what we are up to. There will come updates on future events, blog posts and job advertisements.

The site is developed with WordPress on by web responsible Jørgen Navjord. Marisha Gnanaseelan, Astrid Hæve Sedal and Amir Arfan have helped with the writing.

We hope you like it!

Velkommen til nettsiden vår!

Nå er endelig nettsiden vår oppe og går. Formålet med denne nettsiden er å informere medlemmene våre, interesserte søkere og bedrifter om hva vi holder på med. Her vil det komme oppdateringer om kommende arrangementer, blogginnlegg og stillingsutlysninger.

Siden er utviklet med WordPress på av webansvarlig Jørgen Navjord under markedsføringskomiteen. I tillegg har Marisha Gnanaseelan, Astrid Hæve Sedal og Amir Arfan hjulpet til med skriving.

Vi håper den faller i smak!

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