For businesses

Does your company want to get to know the students who study data science at NMBU? We arrange for business presentations, catering & mingling, stand and professional evenings with our students.

Business Presentation 

DataSci NMBU arranges business presentations where businesses get an unique opportunity to get in direct contact with our students. A business presentation usually consists of general information about the business, what opportunities you have as an employee, information about summer jobs and any other information you want to give the students.

After the presentation, it will be possible for easy serving and mingling between company representatives and the students. We take care of all the practicalities of your visit, that is to say ordering food, booking of rooms, marketing and registration for the students.

We collaborate with other line unions at NMBU, which gives the opportunity to arrange collaborative presentations across the line unions. We will assist with marketing this and registration for the students in question.


Professional evening

A professional evening is in many ways similar to a business presentation, and is a relatively new program. Many students are looking at professional evenings as an exciting and engaging way of getting to know a business. Here, the company stands freely when it comes to creating their own program. 

An example of a professional evening can be a case workshop that starts with a quick presentation from the business, then the students can be divided into groups where they work with a case and finally, the different groups present their work.

The evening is rounded off with a joint meal for students and corporate representatives where it is possible to meet in an informal setting.


The Career Day

The Career Day is organized by Næringslivsutvalget (NU) at NMBU. This is an arena where businesses come to meet the great students at NMBU. The Career Day is an opportunity to market your company in addition to inform about different application deadlines. Read more about NU and Career Day here.


If you have any other wishes beyond this, we are happy to customize an arrangement for you. What about a business presentation at your facilities, or a trip to one of your projects?


Get in touch with our business responsible!