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Corporate presentation with CGI

Tuesday 17th of September CGI, formerly known as Acando, came and visited us here at NMBU and held a corporate presentation for us.

CGI is one of the country’s leading IT and consulting company, with a wide range of solutions and services in areas such as robotics, product design, programming, artificial intelligence, architecture, strategy and business development.

If you are interested in the consulting industry, business, management, technology and innovation then the corporate presentation with CGI was very relevant for you.

On this day we met Sabeel Ahsan and Ola Øren, who recently completed their first two years in the program. They talked about CGI, projects and their daily life in an innovative, social and exciting technology and consulting company.

In addition to the talent program, CGI also has summer jobs where the deadline to apply is October 1st.

After the presentation we served pizza, sushi and the students had the opportunity to talk with the employees from CGI. As a closing we played a Kahoot game where you could win great prices!

Visit to Acando

Tuesday, March 5, DataSci NMBU went and visited our main partner Acando. We took a bus together from Ås in to Oslo. When we there we had the opportunity to to ask questions and to talk to their employes. After some pizza and sushi there were some short presentations from the employees about what Acando works on. After that there was a exctiting lecture from Acandos lead data scientist on how they use AI in their projects.

During the second half of the visit we got a tour around the offices and their lab. We got to try out the Microsoft Hololens and see how they are utilizing it aswell as the robot Pepper. At the end of the visit we had a Kahoot.

The visit to Acando was very successful, inspiring and educational. Their employees shoed great interest in Ås and our studies and Acando seems like a exciting workplace. Events like these are a great motivation for further studies!


Workshop at IBM

Today, the board attended a workshop in IBM’s innovation center. Here we were able to use available data sources and artificial intelligence in the search for solutions for better air quality.

IBM is a proud partner with Oslo – European Environment Capital 2019, and air quality is one of the issues they are concerned about. Too many cities around the world are struggling with bad air quality. IBM is convinced that clever use of data observations and analysis can provide the basis for decisions that are needed to be made to improve the situation.

We got to try out the IBM Cloud – a platform that helps developers build and run modern apps and services. This cloud data center links Norway to IBM’s global network of data centers for cloud storage. The data center is based on IBM’s SoftLayer technology, which is a solution for providing infrastructure as a service (IaaS). IBM Cloud customers can access both dedicated servers, virtual servers, storage, security services and networking solutions. The services can be used when needed, with full remote access and control – so you are able to create your own customized cloud environments, whether it is public cloud, private cloud or hybrid solutions.


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